The Jewish Women's Circle is a vibrant group designed for the contemporary Jewish woman. The goal of the Jewish Women's Circle is to unite all Jewish women to socialize, learn and connect through exciting events and a variety of hands-on activities. And there’s always new friends to meet, delicacies to taste and guaranteed fun. It is always a special ladies’ night out, rejuvenating body and soul!

All are welcome; no background knowledge needed. It is a pleasure to extend an invitation to you to complete our circle.

Couvert $25

JWC Membership (all 4 events) $85

JWC Annual Partner $136

Co-Sponsor an event $100

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Upcoming Event:

Rhythm & Soul

Wednesday, May 15, 2024 • 6:30pm

When was the last time you did something to nourish your soul and spirit? Experience the power of group drumming as you tap, bang or pound out a rhythm, and soon, friends and strangers become one mass of percussive music! Let your mind, body and spirit unite as you partake in a women’s circle of drums!

Kindness Drive: Bring a new baby outfit to send to Yad Leah - an organization clothing Israel's needy with dignity.

Hostesses: Kelly Applefeld, Jackie Bechek, Diane Lindner, Audrey Pasin


2024 JWC Committee:

Bernardine Atkins, Meital Avtalion, Jackie Bechek, Erin Danziger, Harriette Flavio, Cheryl Gleich, Danielle Hansen, Debbie Kasle, Diane Lindner, Audrey Pasin, Heather Patel, Laurie Rovin, Lorri Smith, Caroline Warthen